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Since you have landed on our page, we assume that you are here in a search of getting a free PlayStation Gift Card Generator and guess what? Your wish has been granted. We are here to provide the same.

Here, we are sharing the tool made by us known as PSN code generator through which, you will be able to get the PSN codes for absolutely free of cost. Excited? Let’s scroll it down.



As you already know, you are required to make the purchase of PSN codes by using your credit or debit card. And these codes are essential in order to upgrade your account with the Playstation store credit. To purchase the game, there are different codes of different values are available so that the user can choose the one according to their requirement and make the purchase. Most of the users use Playstation gift card because it is really easy to make the payments through this mode of payment. But they are extremely expensive and hence, people find it difficult to buy. But since you have landed here, we are happy to share that our PSN code generator is made on the purpose of allowing the users to avail the unique PSN gift card codes without paying for it. So if you are excited to know more in details, let’s read it.

What is PlayStation gift card generator?

Before rushing towards the generator, you need to know what basically the PSN code generator is. It is an online web based program which 100% safe and secure and is used for generating the free PSN codes. You can use the generator to generate the unlimited free PSN gift card codes. Now you must be thinking what is new about it as there are number of websites who does the same, right? Well, to be more clear and transparent, if you notice, you will be asked to complete the human verification in order to avail the codes in other websites. However, we don’t ask you to complete any kind of verification or survey while generating the PSN codes for you. By simply following the steps given below, you can generate a unique PSN code. Note : Such websites which asks you to complete the human verification are fake and not authentic. Hence, never get trapped into it.

Types of PSN codes available

There are two type of PSN codes available. Let us read both here-

  • Gift card codes – Gift card codes are basically those codes which are given in the form of gift cards and through which, you can make the purchase of your game without needing any credit card for the payment method. These gift card codes can also be shared with someone who is the PlayStation member.
  • Discount codes – Discount codes are issued by the PlatStation network given for availing some extra discount on the purchase of the game you want to buy. You can use these codes and avail the discounts easily.

What is PSN gift card generator and how does it work?

Now talking about PSN gift cards, they are basically the gift cards which are used to make the purchase on the PlayStation store to purchase the games. They are issued by the PlayStation network. You can share this gift card with any other fellow player as well and it is used to make the payments only as most of the people prefer this mode of payment. Mostly, children who don’t have any access to other payment methods such as credit cards use this PSN gift cards as through this, they are free to make the purchase of their favourite game in PlayStation store. These gift cards are available in both offline and online stores. Now let’s talk about how does it work. So starting with the starting, they are very easy to use. Our tool is free to generate the codes for you and for doing this, you also do not need to install any kind of software to use our tool. All you need is a good internet. You can generate unlimited codes and use it with your PS consoles as well.

Easy steps to get Free PSN codes

Now to get the free PSN codes, you are required to follow the steps given below. Make sure to follow every step-

Step 1 – Firstly, click on the PSN code generator.

Step 2 – Now you are required to select your country and device.

Step 3 – Once done, click on Generate now.

Step 4 – Wait for some seconds or a minute and your free PSN code is here. Yay!

How to redeem PSN codes?

Now in order to redeem the PSN codes, follow these steps given-

Step 1 – First of all, you need to open the PlayStation store web page.

Step 2 – Sign in to your account with the credentials.

Step 3 –  Now go to your online ID and choose the account settings.

Step 4 – Now you have to select the redeem prepaid card option. Or else, you can select the Redeem Prepaid card too from the link given on top left.

Where can I use these codes?

These codes can be used in buying the favorite game in PlayStation. You can use these codes and buy the game you wanted to play from long without actually spending money on the same. So this was all about how you can use the PSN code generator on PlayStation and make your purchase without paying for it. If you have any query, you can comment in the given comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, Happy gaming.

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